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Thursday, November 09, 2006

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

PDA Fun 1 - Playing Music and Internet Radio On Your PDA

What's a PDA for again? I've forgotten the last time I used my Axim for personal organizing. I've been having a serious case of iPod envy lately, but since I don't have that much spare change in my bank account to piss away on a music player, I thought I might as well find a way to make do with my Axim + 1 GB SD card.

Of course, you can play mp3's with the Windows Media Player that comes with every Pocket PC/Windows Mobile system, but just like in grown-up Windows, the WMP for the Pocket PC is rubbish. You'll want to find an alternative player. I've tested quite a few and I've come up with 2 that I liked best. Both can also play streaming Internet radio (Shoutcast).

You can read the full article + mini tutorial here:

Turn Your PDA Into A Music Player and Radio

Block Unauthorized Calls On Your Phone With A £1 Gadget?

I was in Pound Land the other day and I saw this interesting little gadget which claims that it can block unauthorized calls on your phone, modem or fax. All you have to do is program a list of 'allowable' numbers into it and plug it into your BT phone socket. That means you can restrict outgoing calls to only a few numbers such as your ISP, emergency services and your favourite granny. Very handy if you use your phone line solely for ADSL or dialup access and don't want your household members to use the phone for voice calls. Even sneaky spyware dialers won't be able to get past it.

That is, IF it works.

Nope, I didn't buy it. Yes, it's only £1, but its POUND LAND. I don't care if it cures cancer, the stuff you buy from Pound Land have this mysterious habit of falling apart the very next day.